From November 2011

Western Australia rules out culling of great white sharks

great white shark
Western Australia officials have ruled out the culling of white sharks.

The Australian is reporting that Fisheries Minister Norman Moore has ruled out any cull of white sharks (Carcharodon carcharias) in response to three fatal shark attacks in Western Australia. Instead a newly formed response unit will look examine the effectiveness of shark nets, correlations between weather conditions and shark attacks, and whether or not protection laws have resulted in an increase in the number of the species.

Moore said that his department is trying to balance protecting the species and providing as much information about the probability of shark attacks when they go swimming. Additionally, the response unit will assess the effectiveness of the SMS shark alert system.

Surfer and kayakers have close encounter with humpback whale

YouTube user bqnbarb13 recently uploaded the video above which, according to the video description, features two humpback whales surfacing in close proximity to a surfer and a couple of kayakers. The video was shot by Barb Roettger off of Santa Cruz, California. While the video title “Surfer Almost Swallowed by Whale” is a bit over-the-top, it’s still some impressive footage.

White shark released from Monterey Bay Aquarium has died

A juvenile male white shark recently released by the Monterey Bay Aquarium has died, according to a report from the aquarium. The white shark (seen in the video above) had been on display at the aquarium from August 31 until late October of this year. The shark was released on October 25. Data from a pop-up tracking tag, attached to the shark prior to his release, revealed that the he died “shortly after he was released.”

The report from the aquarium’s Sea Notes blog, goes on to say that the white shark team will review its procedures and protocols in order to see if changes to the program are necessary.

This marks the second time that tracking tags have revealed the death of a white shark released from the aquarium. A juvenile female white shark that was released in November of 2009 showed up dead in a fisherman’s gill-net in early 2010. After a tracking tag attached to the shark started reporting data on land, a Mexican researcher traced the tag movements to the home of a the fisherman who acknowledged having caught the shark.