Shark stereotypes abound in “Government to spend money on sharks?” (

Justin Clarke, a blogger for the, shares his opinion about conservation plans aimed at protecting sharks. I’m not sure if he’s being serious or if this an attempt at humor, but either way it echoes of the Everything-I-Know-About-Sharks-Is-What-I-Learned-From-Jaws mentality. To the author’s defense, he does mention learning about sharks on The Discovery Channel, as well, so maybe he didn’t learn everything from Jaws. Mr. Clarke’s statements include:

“…I think the desirable number of great white sharks is zero.”


“Sharks are the ocean’s Nazis, indiscriminate murderers with black eyes and no souls.”

While Mr. Clarke is entitled to his opinions, classifying sharks as “indiscriminate murderers” is a fairly baseless accusation. Considering that the general accepted definition of murder is the unlawful killing of another human being, I think it’s safe to say that Mr. Clarke is giving a vast majority of the world’s sharks a bum rap. I won’t get into the theological implications of sharks having “no souls.” However, I am quite certain that not all sharks have “black eyes,” despite what Quint might have told Brody and Hooper in Jaws.  Lemon sharks and reef sharks come to mind, right off the bat, as having light-colored eyes. In fact, even great white sharks have a blue iris to break the “black eye” stereotype.

Great White Shark Eye
Great White Shark Eye

The author also goes on to make light of the finning industry and likens conservation efforts to wasteful spending.

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  1. ISCIS says:

    Justin Clarke sounds like a goof. I can only pray he knows humans investigate with their hands and other senses, where as sharks use their mouth. I find sharks amazing and wonderful creatures.

  2. Chels says:

    Dude, most of the attacks attributed to Great Whites are atually Tiger Sharks, which will eat ANYTHING (including stupid Humans with no common sense.)

    This Clarke guy is a moron. Sharks are very intelligent creatures, and furthermore there are studies on Great Whites off the coast of Africa that show they can and do live in “societies” of sorts, most akin to a wolf pack, as well as having various rituals for making desicions(Tail slapping), and hell, they have a sense of squatter’s rights!

    As for being “Nazis” and “Murderers”, let’s take a look at the definitions of both.

    Nazis are an anti-Semitist party. I doubt sharks know what Jewish people even are aside from maybe physical differences based on regional traits (It’s true. As the saying goes, “You can draw a picture of a Jew, but not a Catholic.” XDD)

    Not even going into if they know what religion is.

    Murderers are classified as people who kill, thus breaking the law. The only reason sharks really, honestly kill people is fear and territorial things.


    Fear for your life with definite reason, and killing for that reason isn’t murder BY OUR OWN LAW IN THE US. HUMAN LAW.

    Example, the guy who shot someone coming at him with a knife. No difference. Few, FEW shark attacks are predatory, and those sharks are usually the ones who cannot hunt usual prey.

    Clarke, get a life and a brain.

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