Mutts comic strip addresses declining shark populations

In the past few days, Patrick McDonnell’s “Mutts” comic strip has been following the perils of “Tony the Shark.” In the comic strip, Tony has been expressing his fears to his crab buddy, “Crabby,” about finning and “shark killing tournaments.” The recent entries in the comic strip are a clever play on the role-reversal of sharks having more to fear from humans than humans having to fear from sharks.

Legally, I can’t re-post the comic strip here on the blog without paying for reprint rights, so I’ve included some links to the comic from the Seattle P.I. below…

Mutts – August 10, 2009
Mutts – August 11, 2009
Mutts – August 12, 2009
Mutts – August 13, 2009
Mutts – August 14, 2009

Mutts is currently featured in over 700 newspapers and in 20 countries. It’s always good to see the issues of finning, overfishing, and declining shark populations being addressed in a form of media across such a wide audience. Kudos to Patrick McDonnell for addressing shark conservation in Mutts. For more information about Mutts, visit the Offiicial Mutts Website.

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