New York Times editorial on declining shark numbers

An editorial, The Death of Sharks, which appeared in print on July 29, 2009, on page A22 of the New York edition, focuses on the declining number of sharks due to finning and overfishing.

The editorial addresses the negative impacts of removing sharks as apex-predators from the marine eco-system:

“The species whose numbers the sharks once controlled begin to explode; they then wipe out smaller fish, some of which humans depend on for food. Water quality suffers. Healthy oceans require sharks, and without healthy oceans, healthy fisheries are impossible.”

Seeing editorials like this one appear in major U.S. media sources is encouraging, as it helps to promote awareness of the threat of extinction of many of the oceans sharks species. Hopefully, we will continue to see media coverage that focuses on shark conservation, as opposed to over-sensationalizing shark-related stories.

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