Massachusetts Great White Shark license plate pre-order

Massachusetts drivers may soon be able to show off a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) themed license plate, if a minimum of 1,500 of the plates can be pre-sold by June 20, 2013. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy recently unveiled the new license plates, featuring artwork by marine artist Paul McPhee.

Massachusetts waters around Cape Cod have become a renown aggregation point for white sharks during the summer months. Atlantic White Shark Conservancy have introduced the license plates with the goal of raising awareness, promoting education, and supporting research associated with Atlantic white sharks.

According to the AWSC website

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization committed to raising public awareness of white sharks.

The Conservancy supports scientific research, improves public safety, and educates the community, to inspire conservation of white sharks in the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are a Massachusetts resident, and you would like to pre-order the AWSC license plate, you can get all the information you need at the campaign website, which includes a link to the license plate order form.

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  1. Patricia Abbatiello says:

    I am not a resident of Massachusetts but have been a summer resident of Cape Cod for 60 years. I am in full support of what you are doing and would like something I can put on my car saying such. My father was born and raised on the Cape and his father was Herb Fuller senior who lived on the top of the hill and owned Fuller’s Package store. Many summers I visited Herb and Min Fuller. I now live on Long Island, NY. Thank you.
    Patricia Fuller Abbatiello

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