Wild Aid shark conservation PSA featuring Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard

To counterbalance the stupid whale shark video posted earlier, I thought I’d re-visit one of WildAid‘s excellent shark conservation public service announcements. The video features 7-time Olympic medalist (2-time gold medalist) Amanda Beard and addresses the impact of finning and over-fishing on the world’s shark populations. While the video has been around for over a year, I figured it was worth re-visiting to hopefully give it some more exposure (it only has about 3,500 views on YouTube versus the 137,000 views of the guy riding the whale shark, as I write this). I think the people who put this one together did an awesome job.

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  1. john willis says:

    JAWSOME!!! I wish that would make major TV networks. I think that is what is missing from the Anti-Shark Finning cause. Superbowl would be ideal TV spots!

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