‘Shiver’ – Documentary on Mozambique shark fin trade

Back in September a trailer for “Shiver,” a documentary on the shark fin industry in Mozambique, appeared on online. Chris Scarffe of Moz Images, the company who produced the film, was kind enough to let me know that the entire video is now available on VIMEO (which can viewed in the embedded video above).

“Shiver” is presented in Portuguese and includes English subtitles. The film follows Carlos Macuacua, Mozambique’s first native dive instructor and shark conservationist as he investigates the shark fin trade in Mozambique and its impact on the marine environment. Macuacua is presented as a former fisherman who was originally afraid of sharks until he began diving and gained a better understanding of them. Macuacua went on to found Bitonga Divers which helps to train Mozambican divers and promote conservation of marine life.

Macuacua was recently interviewed by BBC about his campaign against shark finning. You can listen to the interview over at the BBC website.


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