Chuck Patterson great white shark video misrepresented on pet-related blog

Chuck Patterson’s great white shark video (seen above), which made the rounds in the media about two months ago, recently showed up on, which appears to be a pet-related blog inspired by Perez Hilton. Unfortunately, the description of Patterson’s video on the site is a misrepresentation of Patterson own account of the scenario that he recorded using a pole-mounted GoPro camera.

The post regarding Patterson’s video is titled “Surfer has NO idea great white is circling him.” The post, which includes the tags “scary” and “attack!” goes on to say that Patterson did not realize the sharks were around him until after getting back on shore and checking his video footage.

The actual story behind the video, straight from Chuck Patterson’s Blog is that he went out with the intention of filming the great white sharks on camera and knew full-well they were in the water.

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