10-year-old girl bitten by shark at Topsail Beach, NC

WITN.com is reporting that a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl is recovering from a shark bite which happened at North Carolina’s North Topsail Beach last Sunday. Cassidy Cartwright was bitten in 3-feet-deep when she felt a tug on her foot. Cartwright said she was bitten twice. She was air-lifted to a hospital at Chapel Hill and is expected to be released soon.

ABC News reports Carolyn Cartwright, the mother of the victim, has criticized local authorities for not informing others about the shark bite.

ABC News also reports that a shark tooth was removed from the leg of Cartwright by doctors at UNC Children’s Hospital at Chapel Hill. The species has yet to be identified in any media reports that I’ve seen or read, but with a tooth of the shark being removed from the victim’s wounds, it seems like identification should be fairly straightforward.

Here’s to a speedy and full recovery for Cassidy Cartwright.

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