Al Jazeera feature on Toronto’s proposed ban on shark fin

According to an Al Jazeera English report, a motion that would make it illegal to own, sell, or consume shark fin in Toronto has been proposed before the City Council.

Like similar shark fin bans elsewhere, the proposed motion in Toronto has drawn some criticism due to shark fin soup’s place in Chinese culture, such as the tradition of serving the soup at wedding banquets. The Al Jazeera report features opinions from members of Toronto’s Chinese community who both support and opposed the proposed ban.

The motion is expected to be voted on later this year.


  1. Robert Hui says:

    I am a 50 year old Chinese man and father to 2 young girls. Shark fin soup is not part of my culture even though I grew up in a heavy Chinese community in Malaysia.
    It was a status symbol for those Chinese who have too much money and wants to show off, but not a part of the real traditions and practises that one would consider “Culture”
    I fully support this motion to ban shark fins sales in Toronto and everywhere else. We’ve seen on land,what happens when major species are removed from the ecosystem.The numbers of sharks that are being killed today will see them gone from our oceans in no time.
    I urge every Chinese person in Toronto, to ignore the whining of the shark traders and those who profit off extinction and support the ban!

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