Amos Nachoum flaunts cage-less diving at Guadalupe, once again

A great white shark at Isla de Guadalupe.

For the second year in a row, Amos Nachoum’s cage-less diving exploits at Isla de Guadalupe have appeared in UK media. The Daily Mail features multiple photos taken from Nachoum’s most recent trip to Guadalupe. The article states that customers can pay an additional fee to dive outside the cages with the white sharks at Guadalupe. What the article fails to mention is that it is illegal to offer commercial cage-less diving in the waters off of Isla de Guadalupe.

Nachoum has already drawn a lot of criticism for a similar trip offered to Isla de Guadalupe last year. I suspect his recent photo spread in the Daily Mail will evoke a similar reaction, especially considering that these types of actions put other dive companies, who are operating within the bounds of the law, at risk.


  1. Sfae Sharks? says:

    Make no bones about it Amos is in this for personal glory no more and no less. He’s discovered a holistic somewhat new age verbal clap trap about feelings and understandings of sharks but at the end of the day he’s much more interested in SELLING the images he takes from his dubious and very illegal Everest expeditions.

    The dive industry has been inundated over the past two weeks with Amos emails asking, begging, for his images to be bought, and re-printed.

    One more trip Amos got lucky.

    When pulling the trigger on a loaded gun with one round in the chamber you have a 1:6 chance of success. You keep pulling that trigger and your luck runs out.

    For $5000 per diver is it ultimately worth it?

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