Aquarium staff member bitten by angel shark

According to the BBC, a staff member at Scotland’s Deep Sea World was bitten on the hand by an angel shark while diving in the aquarium’s main ocean display. The staff diver sustained 15-20 lacerations measuring approximately 1cm in the length from the bite. Angel sharks are bottom dwelling flat-body sharks that prey on fish and crustaceans and can measure up to 5′ (1.5m) in length. They generally are not considered dangerous to humans and do not feed on large prey items. However, they have been known to bite humans if threatened, provoked or accidentally stepped on. The aquarium staff diver was treated for his injuries and did not require hospitalization.

The video below from YouTube user kevincho48 documents an account of an angel shark biting a diver.

The media outlets that covered this story managed to keep things objective. I was pleasantly surprised to see that none of the "usual suspects" jumped on this story and turned it into something it wasn’t by making the angel shark out to be a man-eating monster. Perhaps, things are getting better for sharks in the media world.

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