Bethany Hamilton appears on The Today Show

Shark attack survivor and surfer, Bethany Hamilton, appeared on the Today show on December 11 as part of their “Buzziest Stories of the Decade” series. Hamilton lost her left arm as a result of a tiger shark attack 6 years ago and has since become an inspirational figure to many due to her perseverance after the attack and her return to surfing.

Unlike some of the other shark-related clips that have appeared on the Today Show over the past year, this one is fairly devoid of over-sensationalizing sharks and manages to focus more on Hamilton’s story of triumph rather than emphasizing shark-related fears. While Matt Lauer does ask Hamilton if she thinks about sharks, I think it’s a fair question to ask, and he seems to respectfully take her answer at face-value. Perhaps, the Today Show is getting better at dealing with shark-related stories.

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