Bull shark in Chattahoochee River?

WRBL 3 News is reporting that according to un-confirmed reports a Columbus, Georgia fisherman and a runner spotted a shark fin in the Chattahoochee River. According to the story, the fisherman broke his line while fishing and when the runner came to assist him, they both saw the shark fin, causing some to theorize that a bull shark may be in the river.

Bull sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) can tolerate freshwater and have been known to swim far up rivers, but the sighting of a bull shark near Columbus in the Chattahoochee would certainly be an extremely unusual spectacle. At the time of this writing, a non-scientific online poll by WRBL 3 News indicated that of those polled, 53% believed that the story of the Chattahoochee bull shark could be true.


  1. collin says:

    I have heard about bull shark sitings in the Tennessee river. If that’s true then I wouldn’t doubt that there was one spotted in the Chattahoochee.

  2. tex freeman says:

    fwiw, in 1984 when i was a student at the Infantry School at Ft Benning, a LARGE Bull (about 9 foot long) was caught by a trotliner in the river, VERY close to the Columbus city limits.

    the shark AND all the known pictures of it “mysteriously disappearred” after complaints were made to the Chamber of Commerce about “possible harm” to the tourist industry.

    yours, tex

  3. kyle krull says:

    as well we should be made aware of these things and the bull sharks have been caught many times as far as 2400 miles up the mississippi river in illinois.

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