California to review great white shark as endangered species

great white shark photo
California white sharks have endangered species protection during a one-year review period.

KABC-TV reports that the California Fish and Game Commission has voted unanimously to advance the candidacy of the great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) as a potential endangered species. The status review will last for one year and will grant the species the same protections as a listed endangered species during the review period.

It is already illegal to target and harvest white sharks in California. The candidacy status will also make incidental catch of the species illegal in state waters.

The commission vote followed a petition from Oceana to protect the subspecies of white sharks along the California coast. According to the KABC-TV report, state researchers hope to get a more accurate estimate of population numbers during the review and will assess threats to the species. The commission will use the information gathered from the review to make an “informed decision” on whether to list the species as endangered under California law.

The great white shark is currently listed as “vulnerable” globally on the IUCN Red List.


  1. drudown says:

    (Stinson Beach, 2014)

    Perhaps it was easier to have a superficial faith in sharks being “misunderstood” before experiencing the heaviest losses the Earth
 can bequeath, when blue sea becomes red blood, particularly amidst upheaval, as fin cuts through sea liek a blade unsheathed

    Now placed against the cheek: so much harder to stay the course when winds seem to carry expectations off into the heavens, as her life at Fish Hoek unraveled in an instant. Where was Lloyd?

    “The void. Gone beyond Yellow Springs,” said the weary Stork on his way to Pen’g Lai.

    For what was most precious to Science was- for a moment- carried out of sight, like a red balloon from our grasp: carried off from the imaginary control we seek- and like children- we weep when the shark completes what time will allow,
    O Angel
    the cost of love protecting a mindless killer, without substance or alleged self-deception, is never too steep. The shark’s very name a parent to a curse, unwritten in any book she’d read.

    “Safe,” she softly said, as she looked at him- holding back her tears- and gently traced the contour of his head.

    Housed and protected again, she secretly knew that her friends- those that had never experienced hardship- she now knew that they could never taste the sweetness of a last sip.

    Lloyd’s blood, despite her best efforts, began to…
    back into the ocean.

    Yet as he held onto life, he had to look off into the distance, utterly undone by his own mixed emotions. For he had no desire to even feel pain- not after what had happened. She was safe; that was all that mattered.

    Why, why…why do we keep drawing closer to those that wounded us, hoping blind faith will undo their wrath upon us, standing alone and upright at last, as clearly as moonlight falls over meadows, harbingers of good will perched silently above us, as we gaze into a fading campfire, lost, it seems, in the silvery ash burned beneath our memories, set in motion by a hidden harmony, from the Creation resonating towards the silence of Eternity.

    The White shark lords over over shared shores, without mercy.

    Birds scattered and blustered about the cliff, endlessly restless- always, it seemed to her, in a position of going away. The currents seemed to seamlessly pass beneath them, without a trace, not unlike the warmth of the wind.
    It was no destination she yearned for- but to live from this connection within.

  2. drudown says:

    It’s just art….which certain minds are are wont to do.

    “man, if you gotta ask, you’ll never know.” – Louis Armstrong, when asked to define Jazz

    Is that your contribution? Tell me that you can at least challenge me on some substantive point therein, or have you come to sit there like a reed, dumb and silent?

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