Carlsbad great white shark attack results in only minor injuries

According to a report on NBC San Diego, a woman was bitten repeatedly by a juvenile great white shark, yet sustained injuries that “didn’t even cut the skin.” Bethany Edmunds described feeling a sharp pain in her foot while taking underwater photos. She initially shrugged it off as having possibly kicked the reef, when she felt the same pain a second time. She then began to swim away from the area when she was "hit on the upper right thigh" and knocked about 1′ out of the water. It was at this point that she attempted to head for shore. While heading for shore, Edmunds says she, "felt the same sharp pain in my left calf, but this time I was dragged under water and shaken for 4 – 5 seconds." Edmunds stated that during this struggle she accidentally kicked the shark prompting the shark to release her.

According to Encinatas lifeguard, Elena Tellechea, a shark specialist confirmed the bites were from a juvenile great white shark based on the injuries. Thankfully, Edmunds, was not seriously injured as a result of the multiple bites. According to information at the Shark Research Committee website the bite marks, which produced no obvious signs of bleeding when Edmunds exited the water, are indicative of a juvenile white shark approximately 5-6′ (1.5-1.8m) in length. The site also has two images of the bite marks.

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  1. Justin Walseth says:

    This report was a hoax! How could a white shark bite and not produce visible, deep lacerations, while at the same time “lift her out of the water,” as she claimed.
    I call B.S. Multiple attacks would also produce more damage that what was claimed.

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