“Catch and kill” order issued after W Australia shark attack

Perth Now reports that a “catch and kill” order has been issued by the Department of Fisheries after an abalone diver was bitten by “what’s believed to be a great white shark” today.

Greg Pickering suffered serious injuries to his head, arms, chest and face and is currently being treated at Royal Perth Hospital. According to a WAtoday report, Pickering was in stable condition. Pickering survived a shark bite to the leg from a bronze whaler (Carcharhinus brachyurus), also known as a copper shark, in 2004.

Hooks and lines have been set near the site of the attack, according to Fisheries Director General Stuart Smith, who went on to say he would likley give the order to destroy a “sizable” white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) if one is caught in the area. According to the 7News Perth report above, the size of shark is unknown, but white sharks are known to frequent the area where the attack occurred.

It was unclear from reports and Fisheries statements if/how the shark responsible for the the attack would be identified.

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