Changes in shark fishing rules for protected species

Sand tiger sharks are among the protected species that regulations prohibit removing from Delware waters.

According to a changes to Delaware’s shark fishing regulations are set to go into effect on June 11, 2011 in attempt to discourage the targeting of protected species. The new regulations state:

It shall be unlawful for any hook and line fisherman to remove from the water sandbar shark, or any other species of shark when prohibited from harvest under ยง3541. quoted fisheries administrator for Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Fish and Wildlife Division, Craig Shirey, as saying, “if you have to get out there in the water with the shark to let it go, then maybe it will discourage people from fishing for them.” DNREC fisheries scientist, Scott Newin, said that the current regulations need to be defined more clearly and also noted that the public needed to be better educated about how to properly handle hooked sharks to minimize injuries to the animals.

Violations of the new shark fishing regulations would carry fines of $25-$100. For more information check out Delaware’s 3541 Atlantic Sharks regulations.

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