White shark sightings prompt swimming ban at Chatham beaches

NECN reports that a ban on swimming between 5pm and 9:30am has been put into effect along east-facing beaches in Chatham, Massachusetts. The ban began Wednesday (August 10) after a white shark was spotted “a little too close to shore,” according to the report.

While the report notes that the feeding time for white sharks is “from dusk ’til dawn,” white sharks have been documented to feed during daylight hours. The ban coincides with times when officials are not able to patrol those areas for sharks, which is likely a more reasonable explanation for the time-frame of the ban, which was also pointed out in the report.

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  1. PallSpera says:

    Let’s see, they have to ban swimming in an area where seals are known to frequent. I guess telling people that a 16 foot great white is in the area in not enough motivation to stay on dry land. Well, I say let the mouth breathers go in the water and get eaten, then the average IQ qoutient of the country will go up.

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