Stuart shark attack re-enactment pulled from Shark Week 2010

Earlier this month, it was reported that Discovery Channel was planning to include a re-enactment of the shark attack that took the life of Stuart, Florida kite-boarder earlier this year. The TC Palm has since reported that Discovery has pulled the re-enactment from their Shark Week 2010 programming.

Lindsay Schimer, an associate producer with the company behind “Day of the Shark III” had originally announced that the Stuart, Florida attack would not only be featured on the show but would also include a re-enactment of the attack. In an about-face, Schimer announced last Wednesday that the segment “will not be part of our show this year.” According to the TC Palm, Schimer did not give a reason why the segment had been pulled, and phone and email messages left with a publicist for the Discovery Channel went were not returned.

Stephanie Forsberg, a long-time friend of the victim, believes that a “bombardment” of phone calls and emails from the victim’s friends and family members is what led to the segment being pulled. The TC Palm quoted Forsberg as saying…

“It’s cool to hear that our voices were heard. A lot of companies wouldn’t care; they’d just go for the ratings. It’s good that we spoke up, that (the show’s producers) heard us and they have a heart.”

Forsberg also went on to say that she had spoken with the victim’s mother, who “very happy” that the segment had been pulled.

It’s good to hear that somebody involved with Discovery’s Shark Week is listening and has put the concerns of the victim’s friends and family ahead of ratings.

Thanks to Patric at SharkDiver for the heads-up on this story.

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