Exhibit at Georgia Aquarium to focus on empathy for sharks

According to the article, Georgia Aquarium sinks teeth into new shark exhibit (please, disregard the bad shark pun in the title), a new 10,000 sq-ft exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta "treats sharks more like the hunted than the hunter, chronicles a dramatic decrease in their numbers, and seeks to turn around more than 30 years of bad PR."

"Planet Shark: Predator or Prey," which will open on October 3, will be an interactive exhibit will include full-scale models of sharks, shark jaws (models and actual jaws), as well as a frozen 10′ (3m) Mako shark. Mike Bhana, the exhibit’s producer was quoted as saying, "We want people to come away from the exhibit with empathy for an animal that has been mistreated for all the wrong reasons."

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