Fisherman cited under new Delaware shark fishing rules

sand tiger shark photo
Sand tiger sharks are one of the species affected by new Delaware fishing rules.

Delaware Online is reporting that an angler who caught and released a sand tiger shark (Carcharias taurus) was cited and fined for “failing to release the fish in the water as quickly as possible.” The new rules require that protected species not be removed from the water.

Kevin Schultze ended up paying $269 in fines and court fees after landing the shark on the beach at Cape Henlopen, according to the report. Schultze took photos of the shark on the beach and then released. Despite the fact that the shark was released, under the new rules Schultze was fined for bring the shark up on the shore instead of releasing it in the water. He said he was unaware of the new rules but will “live and learn” from the fine.

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