Fisherman versus Tarpon versus Great Hammerhead Shark – Video

Don’t try this at home kids! In a battle between a fisherman, a tarpon, and a great hammerhead shark, put your money on the great hammerhead. The video was shot under Long Key bridge near Duck Key, Florida. After a 20 minute fight with the tarpon, the fisherman loses his catch to a great hammerhead. Half of the tarpon surfaces not long after the initial attack, and the fishermen decide it would be a good idea to reach over the side of the boat and grab the remaining carcass of the tarpon only to have the hammerhead come up from below and literally take the tarpon out of their hands. The video information lists the hammerhead at about 14′ in length.

As a public service announcement, I’d like to discourage anybody from trying to hand-feed a large predatory wild animal in the manner displayed in this video, unless, of course, you are striving to make the final cut for The Darwin Awards. Fortunately, these guys came home with their hands and fingers still attached.

The owner of the video has also posted this longer version of the fisherman vs. tarpon vs. shark events.


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