Florida shark attack survivor expected to make full recovery

WPTV.com reports that a Florida dive instructor is expected to fully recover after being bitten in the leg by a blacktip reef shark (Carcharhinus melanopterus). According to the report, Daniel Webb of Jupiter, Florida was diving at about 70′ with a dive student when the shark bit on his leg and did not immediately let go. In fact, Webb told WPTV that he struggled with the reef shark for a few seconds before he was able to shake it off. Webb said the shark was acting “jumpy” and “weird” before it bit him.

Webb’s injuries required stitches and apparently staples based on an image that can be seen at WPTV.com. Despite his injuries, Webb told WPTV that he does not blame the shark for the incident. Dr. Daniel Kapp, Webb’s surgeon, said that he expects a full recovery from Webb over a two month period. Webb plans to return to the diving after his recovery and said, “All the creatures down there, even the sharks, are still just amazing creatures to watch.”

For more information, check out the full story at WPTV.com.

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