Gray whale freed from net after 24-hour rescue effort

YouTube user DolphinWhaleSafari recently shared video footage of a 24-hour rescue effort involving a gray whale that had become entangled in what was estimated to be 50′ of netting, according to the accompanying video information. The distressed whale was discovered off California’s Laguna Beach.

Captain Dave Anderson and his wife Gisele
along with members of their crew received permission from the NMFS to help untangle the whale from the net and set out last Friday evening to rescue the whale. The rescue effort involved tracking the whale overnight and spending the following day disentangling the whale from the netting. The effort was eventually a success and the whale, nicknamed “Bart,” was swimming freely once again.

The video information also reported that the carcasses of a sea lion, two angel sharks, a leopard shark, and various other fish, rays, and crabs were found in the net that the whale had been towing.

For the whole story, check out the video along with its accompanying information at YouTube.

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