Great white shark seen following kayak off Cape Cod

Boston’s WHDH reports that Nauset Beach (Orleans, MA) was closed yesterday after a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) was seen following a kayak. Walter Szulc, Jr was kayaking for the first time, according to the report, when people began shouting “shark.” Szulc turned around and saw the white shark behind him and immediately paddled into shore without further incident.

White sharks have been documented following kayaks in the past. Thomas Peschak’s 2003 series of photos of white sharks following a yellow sea kayak likely being the most well-known case.


  1. drudown says:


    Question #36

    Why were the people on the beach frantically yelling “paddle, paddle!!” to the kayaker?

    a) they too wanted to rent a sea kayak
    b) they hoped the kayaker could figuratively outrun any misplaced fear of White sharks uncritically adopted from JAWS and/or Shark Week
    c) they know White sharks are generalist feeders documented to occasionally prey on human beings when the opportunity presents and the shark’s metabolic need directs

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