Great white shark spotted off of Martha’s Vineyard

(Video included primarily for the photo of the white shark. Enjoy the rest of it as you see fit.)

It seems at least one great white shark has already made the trek to Massachusetts waters for the summer (assuming that all white sharks actually leave the area during the “off-season”). Fishermen spotted the white shark circling the carcass of a minke whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) about a mile off Gay Head, according to an article from The Boston Herald.

Boat captain Jeff Lynch said the shark was as big as his boat and estimated the length of the shark at 20′. Reginald Zimmerman of the Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs estimated the shark at over 17′ and added that “it could have been 20 feet,” according to Herald report.

DMF biologist Gregory Skomal had hoped to tag the shark but did not arrive on the scene in time, according to the Boston Globe. The white shark disappeared after NOAA and Environmental Police towed the whale carcass away.

While white sharks are not uncommon in Massachusetts waters, this is the first confirmed white shark sighting in the area this season.


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