Great white sharks in UK waters? The Sun is at it again.

Are great white sharks flocking to UK waters? The Sun would like you to think so.

The Sun recently posted a story titled “UK coast awash with killer sharks,” which claims that great white sharks are “flocking” to the coast of the United Kingdom. The article cites “fishing guru” Steve Mills as its source for this enlightening tale. Mills claims that great white sharks have been pushed to the UK waters by a shortage of food sources.

As if the ridiculous nature of the headline is not enough, the story goes on to refer to white sharks as all of the following:

  • ruthless beasts
  • savage killers
  • white death
  • monsters

The article goes on to talk about how anglers are now bidding to become the first fisherman to catch a white shark in the UK. Apparently, white sharks are not a protected species in the UK. However, great white shark enthusiasts can likely rest easy about this, as there have been zero confirmed white shark sightings in UK waters. While the lack of any unconfirmed sightings does not completely rule out the possibility of the presence of white sharks in the area, it does make the prospects of catching one seem pretty slim.


  1. Moe says:

    The most uneducated, uninformative and sensationalized writing I have ever seen, does not deserve to be classed as journalism and is shocking that that is the type of school playground writing being published on a national newspaper.

  2. Matt says:

    I read this article in the Sun the other day and my jaw hit the table. What a load of garbage that write up is! It’s that type of overly-dramatic, sensationalist writing that makes it hard to get sharks the justice they deserve.

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