Hawaii paddler’s canoe sustains two bites from unidentified shark

KHON2 reports that a veteran canoe paddler had a encounter with a shark that bit his canoe twice. Tom Bartlett was paddling about a half-mile from shore off of Kauai, Hawaii when the shark bit the front of his boat, released it and then came back and bit the canoe again. While Bartlett tells KHON2 that the shark wasn’t “ripping or tearing” at his canoe, the damage was enough to cause the vessel to take on water and begin sinking. Bartlett was able to paddle to shore despite the compromise to his canoe’s hull.

Bartlett did not know what kind of shark bit his canoe, but he says the bite marks indicate that its jaw was about 13-inches wide. While his canoe sustained some damage, Bartlett walked away from the encounter unscathed and was thankful that he himself was not bitten.

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