Hoax photo of white shark seen on BP live feed

This is another one that shouldn’t really need explaining. The photo seen in the video above was purportedly captured by Terry Lynch, while he was observing the live ROV feed of the BP oil spill, according to http://www.bpoilspill.byteland.org/, a site which is registered in Lynch’s name. The site suggests that the oil and disperant chemicals might have caused the shark to go “berserk or crazy.” Lynch’s site then goes on to suggest the possibility that “maybe a crazed shark, sickened by pollutants, chewing upon cables or equipment is what caused the explosion of Deepwater Horizon.”

The image appears to be the result of photo-manipulation. The sharpness of the white shark that has been added to the image is noticeably higher than that of the BP feed image, likely due to the source image of the white shark having a higher resolution than the source image of the BP live feed image. Additionally, refracted rays of sunlight are clearly visible on the shark indicating that the photo was taken near the surface.

The primary motivation behind this hoax image (and YouTube video) seems to be an attempt to draw visitors to Lynch’s BP Oil Spill Animal Rescue site, which offers merchandise featuring numerous anti-BP designs, including the photo-manipulated shark image. According to the site, when items are purchased, a donation is made to the Good Shepherd Dog Animal Rescue (GSDAR), which was founded by Terry Lynch “for the benefit and rescue of homeless animals.” The GSDAR website indicates that the organization is not a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization but describes GSDAR as a “private, grassroots, on-line nonprofit corporation.”

It should be noted that there is no mention of any proceeds from the sale of merchandise on Lynch’s BP Oil Spill Animal Rescue site being earmarked for donations directly to the BP spill clean-up efforts.


  1. GSDAR, Inc. says:

    Thank you for posting the BP oil spill video showing the shark which I posted on YouTube. Yes, I did record that ROV video and yes, GSDAR, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of homeless animals and raising awareness about issues like the BP oil spill.
    As for the nature of this video, sharks certainly can swim at a depth of 5,000 or more feet. Also I believe the lighting can be explained by the ROV vehicles which are equipped with very bright lights. Also the way the bright lights and the oil and methane gas mixing with the water causes refraction and dispersal can explain any resolution or shadow concerns.
    As for cleaning up the oil spill, the beaches and the wetlands, that is BP’s legal and financial responsibility. I would love BP to make a donation to GSDAR, Inc. to help out in this regard. But as it is BP is spending millions on “We are nice guys” type TV commercials in the Gulf states, while many people are still out of work and many wetlands are soaked in oil.
    The BP oil spill is now the worst ecological disaster in US history! No telling how many sharks, sea turtles and other marine life were killed. I think I’d be pissed too if I were a shark! 🙂
    I suppose conspiracy theorists will soon be saying that the BP oil spill never happened and was just a hoax. Yeah, right! But you see, people will always be able to see that it really happened because it was documented with videos like this one.
    By the way, the “primary” reason I posted this video was to raise awareness and to promote a general boycott of BP because they are responsible for the worst oil spill in US history. I also am giving away FREE stuff to promote boycott BP parties.
    Oh course people can believe whatever they want to believe. I for one think we should start developing clean energy resources so we will not be dependent upon dirty fossil fuels. We should not even be drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico.
    The real issue here is the fact that fossil fuels are dirty, pollute the environment and kill wildlife. As I said, I’d be pissed off too if I was a shark! At least I am trying to do something about it by raising people’s awareness and asking everyone to boycott BP! I for one am NEVER going to use BP again and hope others will join me in a general boycott of BP. Maybe we can even get a few pissed off sharks to join! 🙂

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