Hooked white shark bites swimmer off Manhattan Beach

The AP reports, that a long distance swimmer suffered injuries as the result of a bite from a sub-adult white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) of off Los Angeles County’s Manhattan Beach yesterday morning. According to an NBCLA report, the shark had been hooked by a fisherman on Manhattan Beach Pier and had been on the line for about a half-hour when a group of swimmers intersected the hooked shark’s path.

Steve Robles of Lomita, CA was bitten in the chest area and also suffered injuries to his right hand. A paddle-boarder helped Robles to the shore where he was treated by paramedics and transported to a nearby hospital. Thankfully, Robles injuries were not life-threatening, and he is currently recovering at home.

The fisherman told NBCLA that he was fishing for bat rays when he hooked the shark. He said he didn’t realize it was a white shark until after it had been on the line for 15 minutes. California law dictates that the line must be cut if a white shark is hooked, but he said the shark was close to a surfer when he recognized the species, and he didn’t want it to attack the surfer.

It should be noted that a white shark of this size, which was estimated at 7′ (about 2m) in length, does not typically feed on marine mammals or large prey items.

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