Hurricane Sandy brings new crop of faked shark photos

The past few days have seen quite a few photos either misrepresenting the effects of Hurricane Sandy or just flat-out faking them. Some gullible news outlets have been running with photos that appear to show a shark swimming through a flooded neighborhood in New Jersey. A few of the photos have already made the rounds during other major storms, but there are a couple of new ones that claim to show sharks swimming around a New Jersey that are brand-new exclusives to Hurricane Sandy.

The photos apparently originated as a hoax on a Facebook page and have since been circulated by some as genuine.

The Atlantic has a fairly extensive page that debunks or verifies some of the photos from Hurricane Sandy that have been going viral, as of late.

While Hurricane Sandy is definitely presenting some real-life dangers to many, sharks are pretty far down on the list of worries that those affected by the storm are dealing with.

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