Jacques Perrin’s Oceans drawing movie crowds in France

According to Time.com, Jacques Perrin’s sea-life documentary, Océans, opened to a warm reception in French movie theaters last week. Océans drew in 105,000 viewers in the first 48 hours, in France.

The film which will be released internationally in the coming months, took 2 years of planning and 4 years of filming to complete. Advanced underwater-breathing equipment which allowed divers to film without expelling air bubbles into the water and new underwater filming technology were employed throughout the filming of the documentary which hopes to set a new standard for nature films. The film features marine life of all kinds, including footage of cage-less human and white shark interaction. Oceans also features footage of several other species of sharks including some great whale shark footage and some amazing schooling hammerhead footage.

Disney Nature will be bringing Oceans to the big screen in the U.S. on April 22, 2010.

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