Kill order placed on great white shark in Western Australia

The first specific order to catch and kill a great white shark is making headlines in Western Australia. The order was made in response to multiple sightings of a white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) reported in the waters off of Dunsborough, WA over the past several days. The kill order is part of a new set of guidelines intended to reduce shark attacks in Western Australia. The policy introduced late last year, after a series of fatal shark attacks in 2011 and 2012. This is the first instance of an order to kill a specific shark (or sharks), since the guidelines were introduced.

WA Today reports that lines were initially set on Sunday with the intent of catching the great white shark (or sharks) seen in the Dunsborough area. A white shark was spotted as recently as yesterday afternoon in the area. According to the WA Today report, two tiger sharks (Galeocerdo cuvier) were caught as part of the effort. The tiger sharks, which measured 1.8m and 2m in length, were released according to Fisheries Department spokesperson Tony Cappelluti, who said the tiger sharks weren’t considered to be the “high hazard.” The lines were removed on Tuesday night, but Cappelutti went on to say that Fisheries Department officers would continue monitoring the area throughout the week to assess whether any further attempts to set lines will be made.

Great white sharks are a protected species in Australian waters.


  1. Kyle Krull says:

    The great white is a critically endangered species and killing them is wrong period they were there first if you’re attacked you should be to blame they are not mindless killing machines and only certain things set them off.

  2. Kyle Krull says:

    Also on average the chinese and japanese alone kill 50-60,000 sharks a year for just their fins will sharks attack around 700 total a year thats for every species and kill roughly 5% of the attack victims.

  3. Kyle Krull says:

    they said that they caught two large tiger sharks and that they released them and they attack and kill more people every year than the great white but they dont view them as a high risk species the only shark to kill more people than them is the bull shark.

  4. Kyle Krull says:

    What nothing to say to this? Have you no sense of right or wrong no opinions either way because it could end up affecting all of us and killing us down the road hundreds of years.

  5. Kyle Krull says:

    you guys who dont comment cannot change what is happening help me out with this killing sharks is biased you released two highly dangerous sharks. but you are going to kill a great white for being in close to shore several times but showing no agression what so ever.

  6. Kyle Krull says:

    are there any other currently running kill orders out there on sharks if so and im serious let me know. i want to argue on their behalf everytime. and my comment are you out of your fucking mind is directed at those of you with an opinion who are not speaking up either way…..

  7. kyle krull says:

    These sharks deserve protection and theirs only two people saying anything on this article. Im half way across the world and only 19 and im fighting for animals of every species and have nothing to gain from it. except a better future for me and everyone else on earth and thats born in the futre. and better ecosystem.

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