KTVU feature on Domeier great white shark tagging permit request

KTVU.com is reporting that Dr. Michael Domeier is seeking a permit to tag 11 female great white sharks over a period of four years at the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary. The report addresses the somewhat recent controversy regarding “Junior” and the SPOT tagging program, which KTVU reports was brought about by researchers who oppose the tagging techniques employed by Domeier.

An earlier report from MSNBC.com quoted Domeier as saying he had voluntarily stopped using the SPOT tags. The article went on to note that Domeier was working on a new tagging technique. There was no mention in the KTVU.com report of whether this no technique would be employed should the Farallones permit request be approved.

In addition to the KTVU article, there is also video report which includes interviews with Dr. Domeier and FNMS Superintendent Maria Brown. You can check out the article and video at KTVU.com.

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  1. geoff taylor says:

    what what nobody knows is 3 whites died filming greatwhite expedition/sharkmen.mexico has revoked dormeirs licence to tag at guadalupe.i just returned from the island

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