Loggerhead Club and Marina registers with Shark-Free Marinas

According to a press release at Trade Only Today, all 13 locations of Loggerhead Club & Marina have registered with the Shark-Free Marinas Initiative.

SFMI is a voluntary program that works with fishermen and businesses to establish protocols to protect threatened shark species. By registering with SFMI, a marina pledges that sharks may not be landed for any purpose, and the display and/or slaughter of caught sharks at registered marinas is strictly prohibited.

Loggerhead Club & Marina is Florida’s largest owner of public marinas. Ray Graziotto, president and COO, hopes to set an example for others in the industry “to promote a practical solution to shark overfishing and reduce shark mortality,” according to the press release.

Kudos to Loggerhead Club & Marina for doing their part to help protect threatened shark species!

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