Martin County lifeguard receives award for shark attack rescue effort

Florida’s is reporting that lifeguard Daniel Lund was honored with the Medal of Valor award from the U.S. Lifesaving Association for his efforts to rescue a kitesurfer who was bitten by a shark off of Stuart, Florida last February.

Lund paddled out to the victim after he noticed he was in distress, wrapped him in the canopy of the kiteboard, and paddled him back to shore on his rescue board. Tragically, the kiteboarder later passed away at the hospital.

Lund received the Medal of Valor for voluntarily risking his life in the attempt to save the life of another. Lund, himself, is a shark attack survivor who was bitten by a shark over 20 years ago. reports that Lund did not take the rest of the day off after receiving the award at a ceremony, but instead suited up, grabbed his binoculars and rescue buoy and went to work.

Kudos to Daniel Lund for his selfless rescue effort!

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