Martin Memorial Health Systems releases report on shark attack victim photos is reporting that Martin Memorial Health Systems has released a report on the incident involving employees taking photographs of a shark attack victim. According to the report, the hospital investigation involved interviews with over 50 people. As a result of the findings, “some employees received warnings, suspensions, demotions and loss of position,” for taking photos of the victim and emailing them. However, according to a article reports that “no one was fired,” according to a written statement from Martin Memorial chief marketing communications officer, Miguel Coty.

The details seem fairly limited from Martin Memorial public response to this incident, due to a policy that prohibits discussing personnel issues. Coty was quoted as saying, “We have determined that these inappropriate actions were taken by good people who exercised poor judgment.”

The article also had the following tribute video for the victim.

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  1. I was watching a documentary the other day on shark attacks and can understand the importance of taking photos of the wound/caught sharks to identify the reasons/motives behind the attack and/or matching the teeth marks/jaw shapes to the correct shark but if photos are taken of the victims wounds just to be passed around like chain mail, then this is not fair on the victim and unsatisfactory behavior of the hospital staff I would agree.

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