Mexico whale shark aggregation sets record is reporting that an August, 2009 aggregation of whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) off the Yucatán Peninsula numbered up to 420 whale sharks within a 7 square-mile area. While this whale shark aggregation had previously been reported in the past, yesterday scientists announced that they had tallied the number of the animals to be an estimated 420.

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  1. This video is fantastic, and exactly how it is to be in the water alongside the giant whale sharks! We did a swim with whale sharks tour last summer with in Mexico. We got the recommendation from a guidebook, and we were so fortunate that this is the same company that takes researchers out from the Georgia Aquarium to study the whale sharks in the wild. If you are ever in the Mayan Riviera visiting Cancun or Playa del Carmen during the summer months, this tour is a must do for anyone traveling solo or with children… it is very educational.

    George Marquez

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