Shark Identification Fail – Microsoft’s Zombie vs Tiger Shark ad

Microsoft has released a new commercial featuring the rather infamous “Zombie vs Shark” scene from Lucio Fulci’s 1979 film, Zombie (aka Zombi 2), in which a zombie attacks a tiger shark. Despite the fact that the shark in the video is clearly a tiger shark, the Microsoft ad mistakenly refers to the animal as a great white shark.

While the zombie has the upper-hand early on, the tiger shark ends up with the zombie’s upper-hand and upper-arm at the end of the battle. Unlike many other shark attack sequences seen in movies of this era, the shark scene in Fulci’s Zombie was filmed with an actual tiger shark. The zombie was reportedly played by the shark’s trainer. Below is the “Shark vs Zombie” scene in its entirety.


    • TheDorsalFin says:

      It’s definitely not dead, although I read bits and pieces on various websites stating that it was a captive shark (hence its “trainer” playing the zombie) and that it had been sedated for the scene, which was reportedly filmed in “a large salt water tank.” Unfortunately, the DVD commentary offers little information about the scene.

      There is more footage with the tiger shark interacting with another non-zombie character (a woman SCUBA diving in nothing but a bikini bottom, dive mask and an air tank, no less) prior to the zombie attack, where the shark is just swimming peacefully. The shark is definitely swimming on her own at the end of the zombie battle, as well.

  1. im better then you says:

    who the f**k cares if they id’ed it wrong !!! you must have a complete f**king loser life if you care about that.

    get laid, get a life, move out of your mothers house and get some friends and start caring about things that really count.

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