Neptunic shark suit company develops revolutionary new material

San Diego’s CBS 8 recently ran a feature on “Sharksuit” manufacturer Neptunic, who have created a new lightweight fabric-like material that is resistant to cuts and punctures. The new material, called “Neptech”, is based on a chain maille design and is already being sold for government and military use. According to the CBS 8 report it may be available to the public by this time next year.

Neptunic’s Jeremiah Sullivan believes that the new material could be used to sustain a great white shark bite. Demonstrations of the material seem indicate that Neptech can minimize damage from lacerations and punctures. However, it’s unclear (from the CBS 8 report) how the new material would affect injuries caused as a result of bite force. That being said, the material certainly appears to have the potential to greatly reduce the extent of physical trauma that could be caused by a shark bite or the bite of any other large predatory animal.

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