New shark species believed to be ancestor of great white

According to U. of Fla. study, white sharks descended from a recently identified extinct shark species.

According to, a University of Florida study has identified a recently identified extinct shark species (Carcharodon hubbelli) as being an early “intermediate form” of white shark. Researchers involved in the study believe that the modern great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) is descended from “broad-toothed mako sharks.”

Previously, the white shark was believed to be descended from the “Megalodon,” which is believed to be the largest predatory shark to have ever lived. However, the genus of the extinct species has been previously debated. The species, which was originally classified as Carcharodon megalodon, is now referred to by some scientists as Carcharocles megalodon. The recent University of Florida study seems to support the Carcharocles argument.

For more information about the study and Carcharodon hubbelli, check out “New ancient shark species gives insight into origin of great white” at

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  1. drudown says:

    What defines a White Shark, silent friend of many distances?

    Is it its indiscriminate opportunism amidst careful prey selection? Or merely an apex predator with imaginary preferences. It takes the pinniped as time with allow. A wind.

    Tell me, Andre Hartman, can you credibly contend that White sharks “don’t know what we are- we are alien to them”? I think the evolved in ways different than other creatures in the sense that all the “man-eating” sharks were changing symbiotically with early Homo species. Humans were creating quite the proverbial splash in the coastal marine ecosystem, predictably and successfully harvesting observable and steady abundance along, say, South Africa. When the sardines would run, so too, would Homo habilis-type hominids spear fish and creatures drawn to such abundance. By nature, sharks are drawn to commotion. We all know that.

    Imagine the commotion that followed the seafaring Homo hunters, like shadows over grassland. Spearing and shearing off flesh, our guess must be sharpened by the most likely reality, given our modern predilection for war, the fighting will to survive, and dominance thrives in all species, but to deny the course of dealing between our prehistoric progenitors and even hominid competitors, that also ultimately fell to mankind’s superior sword.

    Where, where are those first migrant seafarers…lost at sea, the stripes of the Tiger Shark veiled by nightfall, the distant beach, out of reach as this thrashing creature pushes us back into deeper waters, someone’s daughter last seen floating alone, gone home to Mother Earth’s watery sleep.

    The Oceanic Whitetip creeps up silently, hunger abiding, soaring and gliding, until we feel that bump in the middle of the frightening still, as each vibration in such dead space sounds the frantic shrill of the opportunity in the open sea.

    Ah me, the Bull Shark.

    He lives in between worlds- supremely adaptable, the leopard of coastal waters, the Bull shark seethes aggression, as it teems inside the shark’s stiffening pulse, beating and beating, it’s tail thrashing and completing what time will allow.

    An apex predator without indiscretion is no apex predator at all.

    Oh, I have loved the shark too much to feel no hate for it.

    But we must regulate the world’s fisheries in order to save it.

    When the migrating White shark meets the stranded swimmer, the collision is very real.

    Our fears lurk like archetypes drawn into myth, as shark strikes fear like shark strikes seal.

    “History provides neither compensation for suffering nor penalties for wrong.” – Lord Acton

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