New South Wales surfer suffers big toe injury

According to The Northern Star, a surfer survived what is being reported to be a shark bite near Evans Head in New South Wales, Australia. According to the article, Nigel Hughes was surfing on Sunday morning when he felt a strike to his foot, as he was pushing himself up to stand on his board. He sustained an injury to his big toe but was able to catch a wave into shore where friends helped him to a car, wrapped his foot in a towel, and took him to a hospital. Hughes appeared to be in good spirits while awaiting surgery and said the injury would make his holiday a memorable one. He also said that he "definitely" plans on getting back in the water. Hughes did not see the shark and was not willing to speculate on what species it might be.

While Hughes was not willing to speculate, it did not slow the article’s author down from noting that Hughes’ injury occurred in “known Great White territory.” However, the article also includes quotes from a local fishing boat operator, Mick McGilvray, who speculated that the species responsible for Hughes’ injuries was most likely either a bull shark or a bronze whaler. McGilvray also said the offending shark would have been no bigger than 2m in length. Apparently, speculation is good filler when facts are sparse. Regardless of speculation, here’s to a speedy recovery for Mr. Hughes.

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