No-kill shark tournament comes to Montauk, New York

The New York Times published a feature yesterday titled “Rethinking Tournaments Where Sharks Always Lose” which covers a more “environmentally-friendly” shark tournament that will take place July 27-28 in Montauk, NY.

Montauk is quite well-known for its shark tournaments that result in fishermen stringing up shark carcasses along the docks for all to see. Late Montauk resident Frank Mundus helped pioneer shark fishing in the region and was reportedly the inspiration for Quint in the novel and movie “Jaws.”

This weekend’s Shark’s Eye Tournament will bring a different approach to Montauk’s famed shark events featuring a no-kill approach that will involve satellite tagging of selected sharks. The tournament will use a point system with values based on the species of sharks captured with bonus points awarded for satellite tagged sharks. The caught sharks will be photographed by an “observer” assigned to each vessel in the competition. Only single, non stainless steel, inline circle hooks will be allowed in the tournament.

The Guy Harvey Ocean Foundation has donated $10,000 in cash prizes, and artist April Gornik has donated a painting which will be presented to the winner of the tournament.

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