Prehistoric Megalodon shark jaws up for auction

The story of a set of Megalodon jaws being up for auction in Dallas hit the news a couple of weeks ago. Recently, the AP released a video about the sale of the jaws, which contain 182 fossilized Megalodon teeth, 4 of which measure over 7 inches in length. The jaws “bones” themselves are actually fiberglass replicas.

The replica jaw was designed by Vito Bertucci a professional jeweler. An ABC News report about the auction notes that some scientists have disputed the accuracy of the jaw size and tooth placement. The jaw size is over-exaggerated due to larger front teeth being overly-repeated coupled with an unnatural slow decline in the progression from large to small teeth, according to shark fossil expert Kenshu Shimada. Despite conflicting opinions about the jaw size, the collection of teeth were still regarded as “beautiful specimens” by one of the scientists interviewed.

The shark jaws are set to go up for auction in June and are currently on display at Museum of Nature & Science in Dallas until they are sold. They are expected to sell for $700,000.

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