Prehistoric shark jaw found in Kentucky mine

ABC News is reporting that a 300-million-year-old partial shark jaw was recently discovered in a Kentucky mine. Jay Dixon, a mine operator, discovered the fossilized shark jaw in February.

Gerald A. Weisenfluh, the associate director of the Kentucky Geological Survey, says the jawbone is from a shark species of the Edestus genus, which lived during the Carboniferous Period (359.2 – 299 million years ago).

The jaw contains teeth that are 2″ in width at the base of the jaw and extend 2-2.5″ in height. The largest portion of the jaw bone is 18″ in length. Weisenfluh estimated the entire length of the jaw would have 30″. Weisenfluh also noted that this species had a permanent set of teeth unlike modern sharks who continually shed teeth throughout their lifetimes.

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