Rare fatal shark attack in New Zealand

According to an AP video report, a man has died as the result of a shark attack that occurred about 200m from shore at Muriwai Beach near Auckland, New Zealand.

USA Today reports that the victim, a 40-year-old male, was an award-winning short-film director. Multiple eyewitnesses saw the attack transpire and described the shark as being an estimated 12-14 feet in length.

Rescue workers retrieved the victim from the water with the help of police who distracted the shark. One office discharged a firearm at the shark, but it was unclear whether the shark was struck.

Due to the size of the shark and location of the incident, the species involved is believed to be a great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias). White sharks are known to inhabit the waters of New Zealand. However, shark attacks in New Zealand waters are extremely rare. Department of Conservation representative Clinton Duffy told USA Today that only 12-14 human deaths resulting from shark bites have been documented in New Zealand since the 1830s, when record-keeping began.

A statement released by the victim’s family described him as “a glorious and great father, husband and friend.”

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