Reports of oceanic whitetip shark off Cornwall coast

The BBC is reporting that multiple sightings of an oceanic whitetip shark (Carcharhinus longimanus) have been reported to Cornwall harbor officials. Two people on separate boats reported seeing the species about 1 mile from the shore. However, a spokesperson for the harbormaster’s office said that the identity of the species had not been “100% confirmed.”

Richard Pierce, chairman of the Shark Trust, issued the following statement about the reported sightings:

It is always exciting and interesting to get sighting reports of what may be new species to our waters. Elements of the description we have heard are consistent with Oceanic Whitetips, although to date there have been no confirmed reports of Oceanics in UK waters.

The BBC notes that oceanic whitetip sharks are typically not found further north than Portugal.

In related news, The Mirror, The Sun, The Telegraph, and Herald Sun feature stories about a “terrifying” attack by a “killer” shark, which involved a shark ramming a fisherman’s boat in a manner reminiscent of “Jaws.” The description of the shark involved in the incident matched the description of an oceanic whitetip shark.

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