San Diego’s CBS 8 anchorman addresses shark phobia

San Deigo’s CBS 8 has been pretty “sharky” in recent days, in addition to a story about Sharksuit designer Neptunic, they also recently ran a story about anchorman Craig McKee’s phobia of sharks.

McKee describes himself as “deathly afraid of sharks,” and psychiatrist Dr. Michael Lardon notes that McKee appears to have a true phobia of sharks, as opposed to just a common fear of them. McKee speculates that some of his fears may come from the movie “Jaws” and shark attack headlines that he sees “on a regular basis.” McKee’s fear of sharks is so intense that he won’t go any further than knee-deep in the water.

However, McKee found a motivator to overcome his fear of the ocean in his wife’s desire to go sea kayaking. McKee joined his wife on a sea kayaking trip this past Monday and returned unscathed. Dr Lardon recommended repeated efforts to confront these types of fears in order to overcome them.

A fellow anchorman at CBS 8 points out that since 1926, only 2 fatal shark attacks and 16 total attacks have occurred off the coast of San Diego.

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