Search continues for Port Lincoln abalone diver after shark attack

According to Australia’s Ten News, the search continues for a Port Lincoln man who was reportedly attacked by two sharks, believed to be great whites. The victim was surfacing from an abalone dive in Coffin Bay, when he was attacked by the sharks, according to the diver’s boat skipper, who witnessed the attack. The skipper was treated for shock when he returned to shore.

CNN is reporting that this latest attack marks the second dive partner that the skipper has “lost to sharks.” In 2000, the skipper’s boat overturned, and he swam 8 miles to shore, while his companion clung to the boat. In that case, the only traces of the victim that were recovered were “a shredded life vest and a battered lunchbox,” according to CNN.

The Australian is reporting that while some in the Port Lincoln area are calling for “shark culls,” after this recent attack, a friend of the victim stated that the victim was a conservationist and noted that he believed the victim would not like to “see us all going out there and killing all the great whites that we see.”

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